Social learning

Corporate Social networks enable e-learning or social learning, creating a personal and private space that is used to generate, acquire and share knowledge within the organization. The members of different departments and fields can share knowledge and information, generating a network of learning and diffusion.


A corporate social network allows the management of informal learning of individuals in their jobs, which accounts for 80% of the total. Organizations can participate and promote the management of this knowledge to all its members.

A corporate social network can offer people training and professional development.

The use of these social networks is based on the exchange of knowledge between the persons within the corporate social network improving the interaction and exchange of knowledge with other members of our learning process, so we improve and extend the results of our learning experience.

A corporate social network enables learn through contact and interaction with others. The use of 2.0 tools allows us to be in contact with a large number of people that can be in different parts of the world and can provide us with knowledge about different areas.
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