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Increase the productivity of your company and save money, using the cloud solution technology of
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Con podrás disponer de tu red social corporativa privada Your corporate social network

With you can implement in an easy and simple way a social intranet. is a collaborative software 2.0, focused to facilitate internal communication, create a collaborative environment and encourage teamwork.
Access from any device

Now you can improve the way people work, share ideas, collaborate faster and increase innovation and productivity no matter where you are.
Accede desde cualquier dispositivo con acceso a internet
The Intranet 2.0 that your company needs.

Turn your intranet into a center of collaboration and communication.
Keep employees engaged and informed, and stimulates innovation and collaboration.
Motivation of employees Right Increase knowledge
Up Down
Increase productivity Left Increase collaboration
The benefits of implementing a corporate social network

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Increase velocity of access knowledge Reduce costs of the internal communication Improves access to internal expertise Reduce travel costs Increase employee satisfaction Reduce operational costs Reduce time-to-market new products / services

Font: Estudio McKinsey “The rise of networked Enterprise: web 2.0 finds its payday”
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The high capacity of adaptability, allows it to be used for different purposes depending on the specific interests.
- Corporate Social Network: Private and secure environment that allows employees to collaborate across company groups, projects, …
- Private Social Network: Private and secure environment that enables collaboration to the employees of a company through groups, projects, ...
- Extranet: A collaborative environment to deliver a personalized attention to customers, distributors, suppliers, ...
- Intranet 2.0: Incorporates a social layer to make your intranet become more social and communicative
- Network training in companiesdidactic and collaborative, a complement to classroom courses.
- Educational center network: Social environment for teachers/students, center/students and teachers, organized in a very structured way Consult us for the special conditions
- Alumni Community Keep in touch, networking, update data, ... Consult us for the special conditions
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Simplify and organize the teamwork is a collaborative software which provides a unique place to manage quickly, easily and inexpensively teamwork. Private area and secure communication and collaboration that facilitates the exchange of information and knowledge.

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