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Comparte archivos e información de manera fácil y segura

Access, share and search for knowledge, information, presentations, photos, videos, links with members of the network and store them so that they are accessible by all users. From anywhere with internet access.
Files attached.
To attach a file to your message, click on 'Attach files' below your message, and select the file you wish to attach.
  • All attachments are available in 'Documents'> 'Files'
  • All attached images can be accessed in 'Documents'> 'Files'
  • Any file or image that has previously been attached can be downloaded by any member of the network

Now, it's fast, easy and painless to share new and previously downloaded files and chat on the network or in groups, projects or communities. You will be able to.
  • Manage different versions of existing files
  • You will have access to participate in discussions about a specific file
  • View a list of files on the network and all the groups, projects and communities
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