Examples of Use


Intranet 2.0 collaborative
With MakeaNet.com you can implement in an easy and simple way a social intranet. A collaborative environment, secure and private.

Internal Communication
This tool aims to improve productivity, collaboration and competitiveness of organizations. A collaborative intranet that facilitates participation by improving internal and external communication and helps employees feel like a part of the company, with better knowledge and interactivity.
An internal corporate social network offers organizations many advantages.

Social Learning
The Corporate Social Networks enable the e-learning or social learning, creating a personal and private space that is used to generate, acquire and share knowledge within the organization.

Helps your sales team increase productivity, letting them easily and flexibly collaborate. In a corporative social network, sales teams will have easy access to updated content, information about the competition, sales presentations, etc., and be aware of the latest corporate updates.

Information Technology
Use makeaNet.com as a social Help Desk, speed help desk support processes with the active participation of your corporate social network users.

Human resources
Internal communications departments. HR may use a corporate social network to promote alignment and commitment to promote connection to the company's mission and vision. Improved two-way dialogue and establishes vital connections between teams and offices. Fostering a sense of belonging.

To develop and implement marketing plans, a corporate social network to streamline these processes. You can share information and files with cooperating agencies.

Any department of a company or organization can create a network or working group within the corporate social network: finance departments, marketing, human resources, commerce, sales, quality control, technical, administration, logistics, shopping, etc.
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