What is makeaNet.com?

It is a Tool which enables organizations to have their own private social corporate network. A powerful solution of collaboration and a communication tool of enormous value.
  • Share and get access to your organization's knowledge in a private, safe and organized way.
  • Manage closed workspaces by creating working groups and projects.
  • Document manager that allows you to access and work with files stored at any time and from everywhere.
  • Task manager linked to the different working groups and projects in your organization that allows easy tracking of pending issues.
  • Manage and organize all contacts from your organization allowing you to quickly find the right person for the job.
  • Organize and share the agenda on your network, working groups and / or projects.
Makeanet.com permite a las organizaciones disponer de su propia red social corporativa privada

Examples of Use

The Makeanet.com high capacity of adaptability, allows it to be used for different purposes depending on the specific interests.
- Corporate Social Network: Private and secure environment that allows employees to collaborate across company groups, projects, …
- Private Social Network: Private and secure environment that enables collaboration to the employees of a company through groups, projects, ...
- Extranet: A collaborative environment to deliver a personalized attention to customers, distributors, suppliers, ...
- Intranet 2.0: Incorporates a social layer to make your intranet become more social and communicative
- Network training in companiesdidactic and collaborative, a complement to classroom courses.
- Educational center network: Social environment for teachers/students, center/students and teachers, organized in a very structured way Consult us for the special conditions
- Alumni Community Keep in touch, networking, update data, ... Consult us for the special conditions

Increase the productivity of your Company and savs money, using the cloud solution technology of Makeanet.com
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