Organizations, regardless of the size, that have the need to communicate, collaborate and share in a private, safe and efficient manner.
Business is a solution that lets companies or organizations create their own corporate social networks, intranets, Enterprise 2.0.
  • Encourage and facilitate communication between employees
  • Improve your company's internal and external communication
  • Increase productivity
  • Less costs

planning Events
Planning fairs, conferences, trips or projects.
Allows you to centralize all educational activities, teachers and pupils of a school in a single site.
  • Increases the sense of community and belonging among students and teachers, bringing the groups closer together.
  • Improve the work environment
  • Eases the communication between teachers and students
  • Facilitates the coordination and work of various learning groups (class, subject, group of students taking a certain course, etc.) through the creation of the appropriate groups

Social groups is a collaborative tool for different social groups. A solution that provides the power to communicate, share and manage files while working as a team in a single system.
  • Clubs and communities
  • Sports Teams
  • Families
  • Music groups and dance
  • Communities of owners
  • Customer Service
  • Religious organizations
  • Associations

NGOs is communication 2.0 for NGOs that wish to disseminate their work in a social way. allows NGOs to make the most of all synergies existing between their partners, collaborators, volunteers and staff. Nowadays, it is essential to have contact with all the people who assist and support to NGOs.
One of the great advantages of is that you can have your own intuitive and easily configurable social network without needed programming skills. No installation necessary
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