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Certified Partner Program

    If you are a software distribution company or a business consultant and is looking for a manufacturer committed to its distributors, join, a software that allow you to create corporate social networks
    Being "Certified Distributor" of gives you the opportunity to distribute our innovative software in different versions:

  • Subscriptions in the SaaS version -

    We have different types of subscriptions to suit the needs of your customers. The subscriptions effective time-based and functional. You can sell to individuals or in packs, so your best customers can benefit from attractive discounts simultaneously buying subscriptions needed by different departments in your company.

  • Enterprise Social Network Software - Software License

    Through the software license, your client can have its own corporate social networking platform. All the functionality of our application are customized on their servers or, if you prefer, in ours with a separate database. This product is designed for companies and institutions, which, for different reasons, privacy policy, number of users, customization, number of administrators, integration with enterprise systems (CRM, ERP, ...), etc., need technology solution for managing your custom corporate social network.

Program Description

  • Certified Partners are authorized to sell subscriptions and Enterprise Social Network Software solution
  • The sales prices to final customers must be at least that specified by Trifactory S.L. in their conditions for certified partners. Only under express authorization distributors may give special discounts to their customers.
  • Other services not included in subscriptions SaaS and the Enterprise Social Network Software solution will be billed separately by Trifactory S.L.
  • The final customer billing will be done by the dealer.
  • The distributors are authorized to perform consultancy, training and in-house support to customers.
  • Trifactory S.L. provide the installation, operation and remote support to users.
  • Trifactory SL provide all the support material for sale, online presentations to final customers and initial training.
  • Trifactory SL may pass opportunities direct to their network, depending on the geographic location for the "Certified Distributor" deal with all the sale and conversion to customers with these conditions.
Для получения дополнительной информации, пожалуйста, используйте формуляр ниже, или позвоните (+34) 91 416 4607
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