your collaborative Intranet 2.0 the solution of Intranet 2.0 more advanced enables companies to have their own intranet 2.0 collaborative measure.

With you can implement in an easy and simple way a social intranet. A collaborative environment, secure and private where all employees can be informed at the same time, being able to give and bring their opinion… Each user has a personal page where you can view the personal data, user activity (comments published documents, etc.). A place where all can enjoy and participate, allowing for true processes of corporate information sharing, an instant improvement of internal communication and a new way of working can centralize management of projects, documentation and contacts. Also facilitates the teamwork in different company processes.

The new Intranet 2.0 allows manage talent, as a tool to locate people according to their knowledge, becoming a very dynamic and engaging intranet.


Create your Intranet 2.0 in a few clicks

With 2.0 you can create your company intranet in a few clicks and no technical knowledge required.
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